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Service Price starting from with taxes Notes
Car leather seats (with headrest) 96€ (per seat) Material not included. Special car leather starts from 45€ m2
Car interior with leather one color from 1300€, two colors from 1400€ 5-seat car, door upholstery, seats, armrests with special car leather included.
Car fabric seats 72€ (per seat) Material not included.
Car door (door inside, upholstery) 60€ Material not included.
Steering wheel 90€ Material included.
Rubber steering wheel covered with leather 102€ Material included.
Gearknob 24€ Material included.
Gearbox cover 24€ Material included.
Car ceiling 120€ Material not included. Ceiling material with taxes 30€/m.
Partial seat repair (bottom, back) 60€ Material not included.

* Full leather - 5-seater car seats use an average of 9-10 square meters of leather.
* Fabric - The seats of a 5-seater car use an average of 5-7 meters (x1.4 m) of fabric
* We do a personal price assessment for each job.

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