Services upholstery, leather interior, seat covers, furniture restoration, cover exchange

Luxurious quality since 2010

PehmeSisustuse OÜ deals with the renovation of car interiors and upholstered furniture; upholstery work, restoration, cushioning, and replacement of cover materials.

We offer flexible and high-quality solutions, from smaller projects to more complex orders.

Our services are suitable for companies and individuals, everyone, we offer a simple solution to renew, design, and make their interior more beautiful. PehmeSisustuse OÜ is a good alternative to buying new furniture or other soft interior elements, ensuring the high quality, affordable price, and wide selection of materials.

Car InteriorCar Interior renewal

Car interiors, doors, upholstery, gearbox covers, seat covers, vehicle ceilings, steering wheel, car luggage areas, and more.

Soft FurnitureSoft Furniture renewal

Restoration, upholstery, and cover material exchange.

Projects Major and collaborative projects

Large and collaborative projects, special solutions, and everything related to upholstery, leather, or textiles. Hotels, cafes, car parks, cinemas, concert halls, theaters, institutions.

Various VehiclesVehicles soft interior and exterior renewal

Motorcycles, ATV-s, etc. saddles. Speedboats, yachts, aircraft upholstery, soft interior, and exterior renewal.

Car Interior and furniture Renewal, Leather Seats, Restoration, upholstery work

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