Car Interior Pricelist

Service Price starting from Price starting from with taxes Notes
Car leather seats 80€  (one seat) 96€ (one seat) Plus special car leather from 45€ m2
Car interior   one color from 1300€, two colors from 1400€ 5-seats cars, entire interior (doors, seats) with special car leather.
Seats covered with fabric 60€ 72€ Does not include material.
Door (door inside, upholstery) 50€ 60€ Does not include material.
Steering wheel 75€ 90€ Includes material.
Rubber steering wheel 85€ 102€ Includes material.
Gearknob 20€ 24€ Includes material.
Gearbox cover 20€ 24€ Includes material.
Car ceiling 100€ 120€ Without material, costs: 25€/m+km(30€/m).
Partial correction of seats (bottom, back) 50€ 60€ Does not include material.

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