Car interior, leather interiors, leather seats, seat covers

Standard and original car interiors but also unique and exclusive based on customer requests.

Leather seats ensure easy maintenance and durability. It is possible to use universal and also special car leather for vehicle leather interiors.

Car interiors can be updated in installments by parts, such as seats or door upholstery, or all interiors at once. We will update the salons in various vehicles from small cars to larger buses.


- Car seat covered with fabric or leather.
- Gearbox covered with fabric or leather.
- Car luggage areas and door upholstery covered with fabric or leather.
- Car seat covers.
- Seat repair and renewal, making it new and comfortable.
- Upholstery work.
- Vehicle ceilings and renewal.

Car Interior, Leather Interior, Leather Seats, Seat Covers

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